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Ottoman Sultan Tugras come to mind first, when tugra is called. All of these tugras, their readings, contents, detailed general information and historical notes are included in our web sites.  Vector format tugra works and Islamic patterns, arabesque patterns, arabic or latin calligraphy samples are included in our portfolio and partially in our web sites. Our portfolio consist more than a thousand vector items generated in 23 years. Sami efendi’s inscriptions of the Yeni Cami (New Mosque) Fountain And Sebil (vector drawings on demand), Ottoman Sultan portraits and our tugra works over them, various ceramic tile pattern vector drawings, an interesting geometric puzzle can be viewed by the links below. That's why our works are hobby based for 43 years, saving the original artistic value is kept in forefront. Sometimes we reached thousands of magnification in computer for the sake of quality. Old or contemporary Arabic calligraphy vectorizations went under supervision of our well known calligraphers.
Our hobby that we started with fret saw 43 years ago as a child now lives with support of technology and becomes more accessible for whom interested. The support to our works is important to transfer valuable historical Ottoman Tugras and geometric Islamic patterns to next generations. Do you know that western researchers are more interested than Islamic scientific community in Islamic geometrical patterns and published more articles, books, web sites and presented courses, workshops widely?
Let's protect these values of Turkish-Islamic history. Presentation in vector or picture formats are from us, demand from you. Our ancestry say:
Ingenuity depends on compliment,
Product without customer is lost.

Thanks for your interest. For details please visit our comprehensive web sites by clicking following links. Please do not hesitate to contact us for your information or vector requests. Enjoy your stay. e mail: tugra@tugra.org



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